Has anyone seen this?

If you go to Fred's youtube channel you can see he has less than 1000 subscribers. Does anyone know what happened?

Thoughts, UG?

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It's /b/
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machinima also, every famous youtuber
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Good riddance. I hate that guy SO much..
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Happened to loads of channels, its a glitch/hack thing. A bunch of video game commentators suffered massive drops too.

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Good riddance. I hate that guy SO much..

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This man is smart.

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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
Didn't have a fadging clue who he was. A short trip to his channel and a 3 second viewing of one of his videos confirmed one thing to me:

He's a tool.
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you are one of the lucky few. Don't look him up. Save yourself a lot of frustration.

Also, who the hell cares.