help im trying to leave a band that sucks ass(havent had one practice but the others still call us a band) and i hate them both except for my brother the rythm guitarist(other two are lead guitar and drummer). the only problem is that i live with our self appointed manager and the lead guitarist is my brothers friend. So can you tell me how to say **** off in the nicest way possible.

BTW me and my brother are gonna start our own band.
tell them how it is. If nothing has happened at all then they should understand. If they start shat about that just tell them you have creative differences.
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the drummer could give less of a shit but the lead guitarist who doesn't know shite about guitar but is still apparently better than my brother according to the manager and they are more nu metal and popular rock shit like nickelback so i think i'll go with the creative differences, thanks
yeah dude, just be done with it. just say hey i'm done, sorry.
It shouldn't be that big of a deal bro. If they argue about it, just tell them like it is...we don't practice and your not taking it seriously enough.
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Ust quit brother
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