lmao @ the title God Is Monkey... And Monkey is cool

this sounds amazing man, did you play everything on it?

i just really wish that the guitar was ever so slightly louder. really great guitar work man

you havent listed a link on where to buy it... i want one
hey thanks a lot man. you can check out the facebook group page or just mail me at adityavirmaniproject@gmail.com with your address and i will get back to you.

and yeah i did play everything. Plus check out for the album artwork which is just kickass! :P i will be putting up the pics of the pictures of the album artwork on the facebook group.
hey thanks for checking my stuff out, sorry its taken me so long to get back to you, ive been busy.

i just started listening to god is monkey and so far its amazing, seriously. whatever you use to record sounds fantastic, everything is pristine and clear. i definitely can hear the satriani influence within the rhythm guitar and the lead as well, especially in that fast tapping part. song just ended and i like the outro a lot.

liberation just came on and i like the arpeggio based riff, you are clearly a very talented guitarist and know how to put together a song well. i wish i had more to critique you on but these tracks sound great. im going to have to listen to the rest of them now.

edit: and i have to say i think the album cover is great too
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