Hi UG.

I just bought my first bass and a new amp (its a bxp peavey millenium active bass + laney 30watt sb2 bass amp for those interested)

So I'm well equiped, atleast for a beginner.

I have no books whatsoever to learn from however, I decided against these as I actually learnt bad technique from them whilst learning guitar (playing everything as an arpeggio etc)

I've looked around these forums but cant find any beginner technique/playing/tips threads (please don't just point me to the FAQ its all just buyers guides and how to set up a bass cabinet not playing guide)

So lets start one here if people could contribute a little time into writing really in depth (preferably with pictures) guides for a complete beginner ill spend time formatting these comments into one in depth guide for the good of this forum.

Things I'd find really helpful would be proper finger picking technique, as im aware its much different on a bass and some musical theory would be great too, but I'm perhaps a little bit above complete noobdom with my guitar experience, so anything that would help someone thats never even heard of music before pick up and play would really highly be appreciated and put to good use.

Lesson #1 - parts of the bass.
Lesson #2 - Finger picking (2 fingers)
Lesson #3 - fretting.

Slap Lesson #1 - slap basics and exercises.
Slap Lesson #2 - fretting and exercises.

Helped me a lot when I was starting. Thank you, George
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Quote by beatreebor
google is your friend

Really? All I can ever find is people selling E books.

Thanks for the input so far.
Quote by PandaBurger
Really? All I can ever find is people selling E books.

Thanks for the input so far.

Actually, youtube/google is the way to go. But for the love of Krishna (or any other deity), STAY AWAY FROM EXPERT VILLAGE! They are the worst when it comes to teaching about music/audio. Tho I've had success with their YoYo tutorials
This site is actually pretty good for learning basics:


If you don't already have a metronome then you need to get one. You don't have to pay over $20 for a basic model.

For a beginner, flatwound strings won't screech like roundwounds will (the screeching will end when your fingerboarding improves. If you don't presently have a problem with screeching then use whichever strings you like.

Learn to use a pick as well as the fingering method.

Jam or play with other musicians as soon as possible, even if you are only playing at a primitive level.

Enjoy the learning experience.