I am playing my Epi LP Plus ---> Modtone tuner ---> BBE Green Screamer ----> Fish/n/Chips---> Vox ACTV 10" Combo.

Basically my issue is I'm getting great lead tones from any and all pickup positions, but I just can't seem to find a nice rhythm tone. I'm into Boston, but the cranked mids is a bit much, I just want a sound thats nice and balanced but I'm ending up with a lack of clarity.

Does anyone have any EQ settings or general advice they could pass along?


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You should set everything up for a great rhythm tone. Get a boost pedal to kick in for leads.
Hope this helps.
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i'm totally gonna get flamed by the "guitar is a mid-range instrument" brigade for saying this, but have you tried cutting back on the mids a little bit for your rhythm tones?

i had the same problem, where my leads were nice but my rhythm tone would also barge its way right to the front of the mix and overpower the vocals, and then i just decided to set up my lead boost with more of a mid-boost, and roll back the midrange a fair amount on my amp - i get the feeling your amp doesn't have a midrange control but you could do the same thing with your graphic EQ.
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keep in mind that Boston has a very processed sound. your amp is rather limited so you will have a tough time trying to duplicate the multi layer sound they use. if it makes you feel any better back in the 70s on bostons first tour they got alot of crap for not being able to duplicate that album sound live.

i agree that setting the amp for a good rhythm tone and then working with your pedal to get your lead tone would probably be your best bet. often you just plain have to compromise when using lower end equipment. on the plus side this will force you to work hard with your equipment and you will gain some very valuable experience with getting tones.