I own a Marshall MG Series 15CDR

it sits beside my desk in my room, about six inches away from my radiator. Will the heat from the radiator do and harm to my amp? Pictures below.

Front View.

Birdseye View.
It doesn't look like it, probably depends on how hot the radiator gets. You might get some tolex softening/ripping, but it shouldn't actually hurt the inner workings.
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if the heaters are on full i dont see how it can help the amp, i keep mine (MG15DFX) in the corner away from any radiators or anything but that's only because it looks cooler there and fills the room up as ive got next to nothing in my room anyway. swap your amp and bin around and it'll be guaranteed to be fine... as i say, no experience with amp+radiator, never had them in any close proximity.
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Thanks guys.

I'll swap it with the bin. The reason I have it in that part of my room is because it's right beside my desk + power outputs so I can use GP on my laptop whilst having easy access to change the amp settings.
it will most likely burst into flames and fill your room with acrid smoke.
No seriously it should be fine aslong as its not up to high.
i'd worry about tolex peeling after time. also the amp would probably run hotter as the air around the heater that is shared by the amp will raise the ambient temperature surrounding the amp.

so i guess it depends on the temperature around the amp.
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lol @ using the radiator as a boost. But yea ditch that thing faster than the clap and get a real amp.
Vyper 60 is a very decent amp, it will be a huge upgrade from your mg. You already have good enough guitar, why replace it with another, albeit ugly, medicore guitar
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How is my current guitar good? It's made of basewood and has cheap humbuckers.
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If you're looking to change your sound, a better amp will change it more than a different guitar. A different guitar could FEEL better but would likely not change your tone very much through that MG.
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Again, in terms of the sound, your biggest upgrade will be the amp.

Think of your amp/speakers are the foundation of your tone. Pickups will help to shape it slightly but they won't make any major changes.
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I have the special and its is an amazing guitar ( in its price range that is) its probably the best you can get in the range. i had that and an mg too. i upgraded the amp first and boy was i happy i did that. i have no regrets. an amp effects your tone alot more then a guitar.
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Does anyone know any decent amps for around £250? My brother got a Bugera 6260 212 for that price and it's awesome. Don't tell me to buy another 6260 or to share his Amp... because that wont happen.
you could get the bugera 333, same price i think

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