Hey everybody!

I been electric for about 3 months, I have a crappy strat copy and I want to upgrade. I like the versatility of Les Pauls, but my budget can only afford me the Epiphone ones. I was looking at the LP 100 and the LP Special II because I found them for less than $180. Can any one tell me the difference?

And if there is a guitar that you have in mind that is less than 300$, please tell me about it just looking for something with great tone and versatility.
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Ibanez rg2ex1 is the first that comes to mind as a suggestion. It's a real solid guitar.

I don't know much about the epiphones you mentioned though.
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Not sure on price, but PRS SE Custom 24?? Versatile guitar that you can eventually pickup swap when you figure out what you wanna use it for.
Hello, ive played on a LP100 and LP Special II and are not good in my opinion. You dont really want to get another cheap guitar, your going want to get a guitar that will last. If you still want a les paul id say go for one of the higher end epiphones such as:


Or you could go into a guitar shop and play all their guitars and feel which one is the best for you
Second hand Jackson DK2T?
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^ Good suggestion, Agile is pretty much the shit for guitars under $1000.

You really, really do not want either of the LP's in the OP. Why not save a bit more (maybe $500 or so) and get a more solid guitar that isn't just another cheap beginner guitar?

Oh and by the way I own the Special II and a friend owns the 100, neither are good.
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Find a used Yamaha RGX520....around $200-50. Set mahogany bound neck into a bound mahogany body with a true flame maple cap (not a veneer). The Stock Yamaha Alnico V HB's sound fantastic. And, of course there's Yamaha's build quality which is the best of any mfg I've ever seen at every price point.
I have a Special II, and while I would recommend it for a beginner, it seems like you're trying to upgrade from that stage, so I would go against it. In the long term, it's not worth it; I would say it wouldn't last you over a year before you'll want to upgrade again (if that).

The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is available for around $350, if you can spare a little more than $300. For a Les Paul, it'll be about as good as you can go.

But honestly, I would stick it out with your Strat a little longer until you can afford more than a $300 guitar and get something lasting. The Les Paul Standard by Epiphone was recommended to me from a guy at Guitar Center, and it played very nice when I tried it out (I don't own one though, so I don't have a LOT of experience with it). It's about $550.

I would also recommend trying out some guitars at a local guitar shop and seeing what you like, writing down the guitar and price, and check eBay and craigslist. You can find some good deals there from time to time. Patience and waiting will serve you better in the long run than getting a cheaper guitar now that won't last. Good luck!
I would really recommend holding out and saving up a bit more, there won't be much of an upgrade with $300 but if you save up let's say $500, the difference in quality and build you could get is big. You probably won't get 'great tone and versatility' for under $300.

I recommend the epiphone les pauls, they are good and if $300 is all you have then go for it but if you can get a little bit more you won't regret it.
The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is pretty good, and if you want an "upgrade" from a starter strat, don't go for the LP100 or the special II.

If you want versatility in a very affordable, and quality package, go for a used MIM Fender Strat with HSS pickups.
I might sound like a jerk here but wtv.

Instead of buying a new guitar that cost 300 bucks to replace your strat copy why not save up until like at least 600 bucks to get a "decent" guitar instead of buying another crap one?