I know this says guitar accessories but I don't see a forum for other instruments...

So this is what I'm looking for...a piano teaching program software and a synth keyboard.

-Piano Teaching software that is highly recommended/user friendly/easy that works with a USB keyboard/synth? Midi keyboard? (i hear Piano Suite Premier is good?)

-I'd like to have a synth that is gig-worthy (i'm in a band) but that can also be used for above piano teaching program?

-And maybe a synth that can do synth and piano sounds as well?

Would i have to get a synth as well as a midi keyboard? or does something with both of them together exist?
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mmolteratx, mexican shred or Unsigned Records may have some experience in this area.
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For a live set up, I'd go for an M Audio Keyrig 49 and a copy of Reason 4 running on a pretty decent laptop. The Keyrig is only about $60, but Reason is around $200-$300, but there's "ways" to get it(seriously, it doesn't even matter if you can't get any of the free stuff you get if you register your copy, the stock patches are amazing, and you can tweak the hell out of it).
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i have a very cheap behringer usb keyboard, garage band has all types of lessons for all sorts of things. last i checked they still fully support lessons.

i did a quick google, saw this


this will give you an idea of some software packages and will let you know what you can expect to spend and what you get for the money
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hey, saw i could be of some assistance... but my limited knowledge has already been covered

as long as you have a synth with usb/midi capability you should be able to use it for both. the little m-audio keyboards might be enough for you, but they only span 2 or 3 octaves. if your laptop is fairly new/not from 1999, you should be fine as long as it's in good shape.
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