This isnt really for playing bass with but i use it as a party speaker for well parties that i can plug my ipod into. Im abit poor at the moment so buying a cabinet isnt really an option although id love too. I have used just the amp and my ipod before and it was absolutely fine.

Its Laney 160 watt bass guitar amp with an extension cabinet output of 8 ohm min impendance. I have just wired up in a series/paralell circuit to my goodmans surround sound speakers that are also 8 ohms and are 50 watts max. Ive tested the circuitry and have found that it is of 8.17 ohms +- about 1 ohm.

Do you think that this will be fine? or will it kill the amp? Its just that i want more clarity and circuited up my own form of extension cabinet. Any advice?
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Yeah, you should be fine as long as you're matching impedance.
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Yeah, you should be fine as long as you're matching impedance.

Oh good[; Thankyou!
With most transistor/op amp/digital based amplifiers you can safely increase the impedance of the speaker without doing damage to the amplifier. Increasing the impedance also decreases the amount of power that is delivered to the speaker.

Decreasing the impedance should not be done, as this will usually cause the amp to try to push even more power, which could destroy the output section of the amp. The +- 1 ohm that you get shouldn't be a problem though. Now if you lowered the impedance to 4 ohms, and your amp has the typical output section for these types of amps, your amp would try to push 320 watts and the output section would fry.
Well thankyou, [;.

I have tested it out and just above the volume knob it gets warm on the top of the amp near the handle? Is this just the resistance of the volume coil warming up in using low volumes? It gets warm when its on its own any way, just it seems to get warmer quicker when i plug in the other speakers?