Hello everyone,
I am wanting to experiment with different types of preamp tubes in different spots. I have seen a lot of people talk about changing tubes in "v1" and other locations, but I don't know where these are physically at in the amp. Can anyone tell me where each tube is located from the perspective of looking at the front of the amp? Possibly what each tube is for as well? I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give because I cannot find this information anywhere. Thanks!!!

So if I'm looking at the front of the amp, v1 would be the farthest on the right?
Thank you so much!! Now can anyone tell me what each tube is for, such as phase inverter, reverb, etc?
Also, there are multiple amp threads that cover topics like this:



Both good threads with great info, don't be afraid to ask questions


You can always ask the Militia in GG&A.
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