Everytime I plug in my electric guitar there is an insane buzzing. doed this mean my jack is broken?
Just unscrew it and see for yourself, it could be an amps failure or maybe the cable





Is the end of the cable close to any metal objects? Keep away from your amp, it can get pretty distorted and buzzy if your close to it.
the cable is really loose in the jack. and i dont think that it is the cable because i bought a new one a while ago hoping that it would help the problem and it didnt O.o sometimes if i hold it in it doesnt buzz. but its basically feedback sounds. its only with my electric. my acoustic electric is fine.
could be loose wires..

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remove the jack. tighten it while holding the back, so the wires dont spin.

if the wires are already loose or off, then by a soldering iron and read instructions
on the package.

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