So I got a Mesa Single Rec Solo 50 head (its one of the first ones, no "raw" channel). I am running it through a Avatar 2x12 with V30's (thanks for the recs from this site on the cab!). Playing an Epi Les Paul stock pups and a Jackson DKt2 with Seymours.

I know Mesa's are tweaking amps. My problem is I am having issues gaining the sound i want form this amp, I am getting very frustrated. I am into metalcore such as Trvium, KSE, AILD, etc and others, In This Moment being at the top right now (their new cd is killer!). I am trying to achieve a sound sort of like theirs and i just cant seem to figure out this amp... I dont want to just give up and sell it for a 6505+ but its on my mind.

My question is is there anything I can do to help give this amp a kick? im thinking along the lines of an eq (I have the MXR 10 band), an overdrive or tubescreamer (maxon 808 in mind) and/or re tubing it to either el34's or kt88's (i saw a hi gain kit on eurotubes that drew my attention)

Any advice how to shape it up or dial in this amp to get a sound im looking for?
I have the exact same amp and I've found an OD helps alot. Right now I'm using a Maxon OD-9 with the level all the way up, the drive/gain all the way down & the tone almost in the middle. I also use an EQ in the loop sometimes. I also discovered that I hate how my Single Recto sounds with Vintage 30s. I think it sounds better with Celestion G12T-75s, but that's just a personal preference thing.

I've been thinking of trying the preamp cocktail that dougstubes.com sells. It has a different brand of 12AX7 tube for each spot. It's supposed to sound killer.
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A good OD and EQ will make a big difference. The single rec is fairly fizzy and def needs a clean boost in front. If you want metalcore go with KT88's on the retube. I never had any luck with the mxr eq in the loop, but it worked well, albeit noisy, in front.

If you are looking for cheap solutions pickup the pedals. If you are looking more long term/bigger budget, you might want to consider selling the single and picking up either a dual rec or 6505. The duals are said to sound a bit better than the single, and i can vouch that a 6505 sounds much better than the single rec.
I'm +1'ing both Zakk and Matt

I run a Bad Monkey OD on 'clean' mode as mentioned and an EQ in loop with the lower mids boosted a bit. I also really like dougstubes and have tried numerous preamp tubes from him. Never played a Single Rec tho
Sounds like you need a boost bro! Take your rig (or just your head) to your local shop and try them all out. I plan on doing this too.

A clean boost should tighten up the low end and give you a ballsy feel to your mesa. I would wait to get an EQ after a boost.
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As other members mentioned before, Overdrives really do help.
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put it this way, you listed KSE as one of your tones. End of heartache was a peavey 5150 and framus dragon through a mesa 4x12. Except rose of sharyn which had a cobra in place of the dragon.

These amps are the essentials.
You'll need to throw an OD in front for best results. No need for an EQ in the loop, just take the time to tweak. Here's a good starting point:

Gain: 11 o'clock
Bass: 9-10
Mid: 1-2
Treble: 1-3
Presence: EQ to taste.

Be sure to EQ your amp above bedroom levels. The fizz smooths out once you crank the output past 9 o'clock and the bass will settle better. Use the OD to tighten up the low end and add more bite.

OD settings:

Gain: 0
Volume: 3 o'clock - max
Tone: Start at 12 o'clock and EQ to taste.
thanks for the help everyone!

ive decided to start looking for an OD, leaning towards an Analog man ts808 but am gonna bring my rig to gc in portland when i get back to school and test out a bunch of od's, screamers, and boosts before i make a final decision

im also gonna put new tubs from eurotubes in the rec, prefarably his high gain kit with kt88's and a cocktail of pre-amps

i think i have the single into a tone i like but am gonna fiddle with it some more. a boost or od will definitely give her the kick i want as well as a some sort of boost or od

for some reason it just sings with my les paul, i dont know what it is but my paul and that amp just go together. my jackson gets a lot of feedback...is that because of the pups? its a dk2t with seymours

if all else fails i think i am going to go to FJA and have him mod my amp with the standard mesa kit, his push/pull gain mod, and possibly a bias job.

does anyone have any experience/insight they can lay on me about FJA mods? Ive been looking at his mods and am highly impressed
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