i'm thinking of getting a second guitar, one to keep exclusively in low tunings (like c standard and lower)

would there be a preferred model?

i might buy my friend's sg, would that be a poor choice? or does it really make any difference at all?

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You should maybe look at any guitars that have a 25.5" scale length, rather than 24.75" so that there is more tension when you're using low tunings, unless you're okay with using upwards of .13 gauge strings (You'd need to widen the nut and whatnot).
I keep my SG in C# Standard with .12 gauge; I tried going to C Standard, and it was still a bit too floppy for my taste.

Just make sure you properly set it up, intonate it, and adjust the truss rod as need be. If you go straight from E Standard to C Standard, you risk messing up the neck, and your action/intonation are going to be off anyway.

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There's no preferred model. BUT I can tell you that any guitar with a floyd rose style tremolo system (so any free floating tremolo) isn't such a good idea for lower tunings. It can be done, but it requires a special setup and will be a constant pain if you don't know exactly what you're doing.
I suggest you get strings that are heavier. For example, 13s to 60s (or at least 13s to 56s), because that allows the strings to have a better tone with those low tunings. Heavier strings also will stay in tune better when tuned lower.

As TheAbsentOne said, get a guitar with a 25.5" scale.

Finally, before you leave the guitar shop, ask them to quickly set up your guitar for low tunings.

P. S.: Do yourself a favor. Pick one low tuning and stay in it constantly. Unless you adjust it every time you change tunings, you will eventually warp your guitar's neck. So, for example, pick Drop B and stay in Drop B. Don't go to Drop C for a bit and then go back to Drop B. Stay in Drop B.

how serious is this warping of the neck, and can it be fixed once it starts?
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Hasnt anyone mentioned getting a Baritone guitar?

Before i opened this thread i was thinking Baritone guitar
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na, plus they are too expensive. i want to keep it under the $2000 mark (australian currency)
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under 2000? thats heaps mate. baritones arent exclusively 2000+

i saw an ibanez RG470XL baritone at the carlton swop shop for like 500$, its gone now though.
Hold on, hold on... the **** is this bullshit about SG's not handling lower tunings? Tony Iommi bitches
Anywho, I would go for a baritone guitar, or at least a guitar with a 25.5 scale length, and there's loads of both under 2000 AUS
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There are also ltd mhb-400's and vb-300's in the aftermarket. Baritone MH or Viper.

Plus, the new ibanez RGD series has 26,5" scale. Although I recommend avoiding the RGD320 or whichever has the Edge III bridge. The fixed version is more reliable.
Baritone is your best option, tbh.

If not, something with a 25.5" scale isn't a bad idea. Or a 7 string. That works too.
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