hey everyone, i have this problem
with my stagg rg
with stock pickups
and line 6 spider 4 which i will get rid of soon hopefully
i can't seem to hit a single not without the sustain breaking up, i should say
if i'm trying to solo
it just becomes a bunch of noise and like i said before,
when the note sustains it just, well doesn't sustain cleanly
like it almost sounds like it desintigrates.
is this my pickups or my amp. I'd really like to know.
I'm having a hard time understanding clearly, but this is what I'm getting out of it, correct me if I'm wrong, please:

When you're soloing or hitting individual notes, the sustain isn't very long? Or do all the rest of the strings vibrate which cause the notes to become a cluttered mess and sound like absolute s**t?
more of the sustain just kind of falls apart
there is other string noise too i think
the sound kind of just desintegrates
like it sustains but then it falls apart
espicailly if i bend
this all on distortion just letting you know
Are your strings hitting the frets?
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I think I know what you mean. Does the note sort of fizzle out if you hold it? Try backing off on the distortion and taking off any effects you have.
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