Hello, lol I have a little problem.

I'll start with the guitarist. He has been playing for more than two years. All he pretty much listens to is Rush, Offspring, and Dream Theater.

Okay, Guitarist problem. Hes 15 years old

- Hes immature

- All he tries to learn is Rush, but he gives up in 10 minutes

- He wants to gig, but hes not motivated to do anything about it

- He doesnt listen to my advice (I suggested a lot of ways to improve his playing)

Bassist has also been playing for 2 years, all he listens to Rush, Megadeth, and Dream Theater.

Bassist problem. Hes 13.
- Hes lazy

- He wants a 13 string bass... he currently uses a 21 lbs 6 string bass (can barely carry the thing lol)

- He feels he can play anything, like he reached the MT. Olympus of bass (I've suggested some other techniques he can learn)

- Doesnt feel the need to contribute to songwriting, but when he does, he comes up with some cool stuff.

Both of their problems
- They're my cousins. lol

What do you suggest I do with these family musicians? Are these cousins too young to be serious about being in a band, or is it possible to get them in shape through a series of steps that you, the UG member, will give? I tried to keep it short and to the point, since explanations would take the page up. But if an explanation is needed, I'll be watching. lol
I'm a drummer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, and vocalist. It's good to be balanced.
if their not motivated enough to try to change then its not going to happen...in my opinion
let them age a bit id say, unless you really want them in your band for some reason, just stay out of it and try to subliminally give them tips, they wont listen to you, but theyll listen to themselves if they think they thought of it
Well, you can try hard and get them to start growing up a bit. Warn them about it, and I say look for some replacements if they continue that way, just make sure if you kick them out you got someone to replace them with. I'm turnin 16 in a couple weeks and I jam with guys in their 20s and kids my age, age isn't an excuse to be immature
Yeah, that's a bit of a problem. If you want your bandmates to branch out into new musical ideas, try to get them into new and different artists. For example, your cousins sound like they'd like Lamb Of God, Slayer, Metallica etc. Broadening their musical tastes, even a little, still opens them up to more techniques, sounds, etc.
If you can't ask them nicely to do something, or find that you can't rely on them, BE A DICTATOR! Don't be afraid to MAKE them to pull their share of weight in the band.
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I think they're young kids and your cousins. Keep it as a jam band for fun (maybe a Rush tribute band?) and get another band for more serious stuff.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
as someone who owns a 6 string bass I must ask. HOW BIG IS THAT 13 YEAR OLD!?!? jesus!
no sir away a papaya war is on
Yep. They're too young dude. Let them discover new music and stuff by themselves. All that'll be fixed as they continue on their journey as musicians.

Also, show the bassist some Primus, that'll keep him occupied
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I think they're young kids and your cousins. Keep it as a jam band for fun (maybe a Rush tribute band?) and get another band for more serious stuff.

This. You can still play with them but don't let it be your actual band.
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They're too young to know any better. Move on.
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