Ok, so I was messing on my guitar today, just playing random songs that i know and goofing around with some blues backing tracks...

Anyway, i started playing a riff and i absolutely can NOT recall the song it's from! I'll try my best to make a little tab here because it's a really popular rock song from the 70s, i think...


And a few measures later it's moved up just 2 frets for a couple times and then back to the tabbed position.

I just can't recall the song's name! Or any lyrics It's a quick rythm song and the tab is on electric with distortion.

Please help if you can! I'm sure lots of you will see it and go 'oh, it's X song!' But this is driving me and my OCD .. CRAZY!! lol

do you have any idea what band it could be by?
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It's Funk 49!

Thanks both of you for replying

Is my first thread here, surprised 2 folks posted so fast! Thanks much again