I would like to get some opinion on my band's stage presence. I don't really have any video to use as examples so I'll just describe it.

My band is a trio: Me (guitar/vocals), my bro (bass/vocals), my grandpa (drums). We practice a lot and strive to sound good and be the best. We get a lot of praise, we won a battle of the bands this year, etc.
When we play our stage presence is like this:

Me - since I am playing rhythm/lead guitar and singing at the same time I don't really have that much time to do anything with stage presence. To make up for it, I kind of dance/move around a little bit here and there when I can, head bang/jump up and down if I have time, etc. I also get the crowd into it to make up for it also such as some parts I make them sing with us, or do some kind of chant or something, tell jokes in between, etc

My bro - he's crazy. He jumps around and head bangs all the time, to the point where people just have fun watching him. Its kind of funny to watch especially because he has a huge fro lookin thing. He also gets the crowd moving when he has a chance

my grandpa - being a drummer there isn't really a lot of things you can do to have stage presence, he just sits back and has fun playing

All in all from the description, would you guys enjoy seeing our performance? I wish I had some videos to show as examples.
I'd say you guys have a decent presence at the least. I mean, it'd be easier to tell with videos. But usually, the drummer sits back, the bass player goes crazy, and the rhythm/lead player just gets in when he can. People like that. It's a tried and true way that works.
I don't really see a problem, if there is one. As long as you make eye contact with the audience and show that you're enjoying the music, that's enough.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Dude your grandpa is in your band!
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Dude, your grandpa is in your band. There is no need to have good stage presence with that sort of gimmick. Hell you don't even need to play well. But you sound interesting.
From what it sounds like your stage presence is pretty dang good as it is. As you said, your bro is crazy and you try to dance as well, plus you got gramps on the drumkit. I'd be very impressed seeing that on stage, even if the music was second rate.
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thanks for the opinions guys. Yea it is awesome to have my grandpa on drums lol since its a "family band" it gets rid of some of your average problems like fighting or arguing over stupid things (except for the rare occasion when me and my bro fight). Since the band is two brothers and our grandfather, that gimmick is kind of a double-edged sword. On one hand its awesome, on the other hand, when people hear it they sometimes think "oh its probably some old geezer and two little kids and they suck." So usually we don't mention it until we get to the gig or what not.