Lately I've been having a hard time relating to my father. I just thought he cared about different things than he really did ever since this one time.

I was on a mission through a tomb. I was with a group of adventurers. We had gotten to a final room where I would have to fight the final person. Only me and one of our teamates went in. My teamate was black and had long curly hair. There was a lady in the final room who looked witch like who I had to fight.

I started to fight her. she had a knife and I had a knife and we swung at eachother. I kept hitting her in the hand and she would bleed a little bit. I also kept throwing a spinning, round blade at her. It would hit her a lot of the time, although sometimes she would do a move to dodge it. It felt a lot like a videogame.

We fought for a long time. I finally had beaten her. She was still barely walking and I thought about finishing her with my knife but my partner stopped me because it was a trap. Then my partner pulled out another weapon. She offered it to me but I didn't know how to use it. My partner then aimed it at the lady and shot light at her. After she had died I saw a bald guy that was on my team and I went to hug him because it was over. There was happy music like from a movie playing and I started to exit the tomb.

I saw my whole team around. There was one guy that wasn't as social as the others. He said "Damn, I really needed this job." As I exited there was a room that was like a hall. Against the wall was a table where a bunch of people were sitting. My dad was there and I had a seat next to him. There was lots of food at the table. Everybody was talking about how awesome the adventure was. My dad asked me if I liked it and I kind of said no. They were surprised, but I really didn't like fighting and killing somebody.

My dad wants me to be a killer and I'm just not sure that that's right for me. I mean I only killed the witch in self defense. Now he's wanting me to go on other adventures and fight for him. I'm just not sure if I'm ready for something like this.

Do you have any tips?
Daddy issues?

Sleep around.

Also, this sounds like copypasta, and I don't believe a word of it.
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That's the thing though. What can you do to a group of people that believe if they abandon their cause they will burn in hell?

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