Hey I recorded a song with my friend and the problem is that he recorded also the clic with the mics because it was a clic on his monitors.

I was wondering if it was possible to erase the click sound on the recording ( using Cubase 5 )

Thanks again !
If you want to "wow" people with your acoustic and psychoacoustic knowledge, try this: record a click track by itself, at exactly the same tempo as the one recorded, then tune it 180 degrees out of phase. They will digitally cancel each other out.

If any of that makes sense, go for it. If not, I got nothing else, except maybe next time recording with headphones for monitoring during recording.
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ok ill try that out, if so theres no other way to eliminate the frequency of the click itself ?
I've been there before. Unless you're able to record the click exactly how it was on the recording, you're probably not gonna get phase cancelling to work.

Your best bet is simply to cover it up to the best you can.
yea I would try to phase it out or notch it unless that messes with the audio tone too much.

Next time use closed style headphones when tracking near a mic.....studio monitors are for mixing, not hearing what you play back while singing into the mic or anything like that.