Hey guys,

I just got my macbook back today and got my Sm-57 on monday. I cant get any sound out of the sm57 though

Currently my Sm57>XLR Cable>1st Mic Input>USB>Garageband, but no sound?

Anyone tell me whats wrong?
First off make sure that you have the latest drivers for your UX2. Then I would check that you have it set as your main input device in both your Mac's System Preferences (under the drag down menu from the Apple icon in the top left corner) and Garageband.

One other thing you can check is that you don't have your recording level turned all the way down for the track that you are recording. You can find this in the bottom right corner under the Real Instrument tab. It is the slider in between the 2 icons of the microphones. Make sure that it is not all the way to the left. Also, check your cable and make sure that it is not the problem.

Lastly, and going for the obvious here, did you arm the track?

Hope this helps you out.
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I fixed it, my dumbass self forgot to switch the input from instrument 1 to mic 1 input. epic facepalm.

But now it's working and personally sounds pretty freaking beast.