I am playing a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro through an old Music Man Tube Amp, what distortion or fuzz or whatever, pedal should I use to sound like Jimmy Page?
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flip to your treble, turn your tone down to 0 or 1, turn your amp all the way up
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Yes! You deserve a high five in the spirit of Jim Henson.

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That could work but i need room to change from clean do distortion, so i need some pedal, Thanks though, do you have any idea what he used?
I think the setting you're looking for is about this:

Loud. Very ****ing loud. More to the point, Jimmy used/uses Marshall Plexis live, and in the studio he just cranked these little 5w tube amps (a Supro, if I'm remembering correctly).

Something like a Tubescreamer might work.
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