Basically I've got a "finished" Noisy Cricket

Here's a link to my last thread about it if you want to get caught up...


Basically I finished soldering and everything and plug in my guitar and nothing. It makes a popping sound when I turn on the amp, the light comes on, etc. I can even hear a tiny amount of hum and it changes when I move the pickup selector switch. But no sound from the guitar...

But the important thing to know is, when I plug in my computer/mp3 the amp plays that perfectly... whats up with that?

So I bought a multimeter. And now what?

I've experimented a bit. Its got a little sound thing that when the circuit is closed the multimeter makes a noise. So I started from the input jack to the speaker and it worked!

So what else can I do to check and see why nothing comes out of my speaker? I've read to use DC volts to check various parts? Where do I start?