I am trying to sound like Jimmy Page with a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro and an old Music Man Tube Amp. What brand/model tube screamer should I get?
Ibanez, everything tube sceamer out there is just an ibanez copy, and go with the ts808 vintage thatll give you a nice sound
You couldn't have just kept this in your first thread?

Anyway... Tubescreamers are made by Ibanez. There's a number of similar overdrive pedals that would also work fairly well. Fulltone OCD, etc.
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If you're trying to sound like Jimmy Page, get a Vox Tonebender instead.
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I've owned a bunch of Boooteek OD's and I'm back to a TS9 and a Bad monkey.....if u wanna spend more$ the maxon 808....
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Maxon OD808> TS9.

Ibanez tubescreamers are lacking these days... unless you want to go for the 300 dollar handwired one (dont).
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