New Power amp alert: I just got in my Rocktron Velocity 300 power amp. My setup previously.. Fender HM Strat into Boss GT-10 into Effects return of my EVH 5150 III head into my EVH 5150 III cabinet. I needed a solid power amp as a backup to this setup and I discovered the Rocktron that came out recently. At that pricepoint $350 I didn't expect a whole lot.
Well, talk about the perfect match for the GT-10. The sounds that this power amp is producing is top notch tube quality. Each channel has 3 nobs, volume, reactance, and definition. I started by putting my Boss on master vol 4, the rocktron (in bridge mode 160 watts) at full volume 10 ( i like to control my volumes from my pedal master volume)and reactance and definition on zero. When I strummed it sounded ok at best. Then I played with the reactance knob. It acts kinda like a BBE adding depth and umph, I ended up leaving it dialed at 4, thenI messed with the reactance. This knob in itself makes the amp. It went from a deep roaring sound to one that will cut totally through the mix by sending it through a huge audio spectrum of different tones without actually thinning it. I ended up dialing it in at 6. Try patch P-02-1 and turn on the od button (press pedal a). You could say that this is as close to a tube amp as you can get but that would be understating it. I am telling you, playing hot for teacher with this patch and rolling it back for the verse, the response is amazingly rich and biting. Also, try the acoustic patches, the definition knob at 6 with the acoustic patches gives the acoustic sound a deep rich sound just like an actual acoustic. It is so close that you could use this as your acoustic rig for a solo gig.
In no way am I stretching the truth here. If you check Musiciansfriend.com they are continuously sold out. They got in units on Aug 20 and they are sold out again and won't have them til mid sep.
You MUST hear this power amp. You will be sorry if you don't.
Also, now my $2,000 EVH head is now my backup because the clean tones are so much clearer and punchier through the Velocity.
thanks for this info, although i doubt ill ever upgrade to something of that size

i have been trying to find info whether a amp with effects loop + cab or some $200 active monitors would suffice for GT-10.
i was sad when you said $350 T_T
the thing ive found with my gt-10 is the amp modulation is never going to give you the sound of a real amp, i now use my gt-10 purely for effects. and im gonna sell the gt-10 for stomp boxes as my pedal requirements are minimal.

its great that you have found a setup that bodes well for you though, good stuff. its interesting you like the preset pathes, ive found most of them to be quite bland, so this power amp you have must be real nice.
It took me a long time to write my own patches for the GT-10, to get them just right but when I added this amp, just running through the factory presets were mind blowing. The dynamics of the power amp is bringing out strength in the effects that sounded weak before, especially the phaser and flanging effects.