A MOTORCYCLIST who was photographed on a freeway with a barbecue strapped to his body has hit a snag. A magistrate has described Michael Wiles' behaviour as ridiculous and fined him $800 for careless riding. Mr Wiles, 29, has pleaded guilty to the charge. The court heard the rider was heading home on the Eastern Freeway in January 2008, when he was spotted carrying a barbecue that had been put out for hard waste collection.

I love this country. So much. So amazingly much.

edit: Curse my lousy spelling in the thread title though .
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That is one determined man. People like this aren't afraid to do what they need to to succeed! And here we are, just holding them back. For shame
Those corrupt cops are only trying to meet their quotas.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
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Americans gotta grill. It's practically all we have cuisine-wise.

Psst, he's Australian.
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
Aussies, bbq's come first. Always.
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Mr McClure said that Mr Wiles suffered ridicule from friends and work mates when his identity was revealed in a follow-up article and he was approached by Barbeques Galore to do an ad.

You guys are pretty damn cool
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
What a fine skill this guy has, transporting BBQ's.
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That bike is smokin'

Maybe he was sick of all his cadillac driving friends gloating about how great their grills were.

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Wha? That ain't no bbq. That's a new motorcycle safety feature.


Look at that thing.

Dudes riding in a f*cking metal cage; I would like to see a car just try to plow through that thing.