Just a bunch of journal entries I turned into a poem, It's not very
good. C4C.

When I close my eyes to sleep,
I see them having sex
When I open my eyes to cope,
I see them falling in love,*
he's the filament to my place,
Inflating my abxieties.

Crawling around in the rotting wormhole I left open,
In a once Cherry red apple.
Laying his smooth permeating words like cement over mine,
Filling up what I left open.

We've never spoken a word, I doubt we will,
Yet he burns all of mine in a dry oak tree bon fire,
At which she attends, adding fuel to the flame.

I want both of them to pierce my*chest,
And rip out my heart,*
you should be allowed to keep what you kill
my eyes;I'd like to burn them,*
gently like ciggarette embers on paper.
And while they take care of my phsical well-being,
I will tend to my imagination,*
drowning it in the worste of thoughts until the bubbles stop,
Slowly waning into a shallow state of inexhistence,
Where silence is bliss
And ignorance is food.


Swimming with tadpoles
Through incoherent puddles.
Forgiving every inch of air created by angry exhaled breathe
We can't all breathe the same.

And as years pass and my childhood becomes myth
I drown myself in this pool until the bubbles stop,
Not because I'm dead, but because I've accepted what I must,
my lovely lady air is gone, mating with spring,
And any memorable events left behind have changed me,
From mammal to man,
Where I can sleep peacefully.*
Now when I close my eyes to sleep I see everything I want,
I see my Imagination
My childhood,
Everything golden,
Including my eyes,
But I don't see them making love,
I don't see him on top,
I don't see a bottom,
I see what was necessary,
And allow action to take its course.
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