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Holy shit, yes. This is awesome on various levels.

EDIT: Have they released anything? Their MySpace and google suggest no, and I can't even find Myspace rips or anything. I need "The Perilous Gray" on my iPod.

EDITEDIT: Ignore me. I thought all the results saying "Low Sky Led Zeppelin House Show EP" were for some sort of Led Zeppelin bootleg

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just signed up to post this up for you all, we just released the Low Sky EP on cassette.

you can download the full EP for free from:
Headfirst! Records downloads
we also have all our other releases and a few friends things on there for free. will be updating and adding more to it very soon.

if you like what you hear and would like to pick up a copy, you can do so from the site above also!

band and label junk:

Headfirst! Records
Facebook | Website | Myspace

Low Sky
Facebook | Website Soon | Myspace

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From facebook:
"General manager: fuck off"

Dutifully "liked". Been listening to the EP a lot, very very good shit.
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Why does this thread not have more replies? They're so good.
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They're playing in Greensboro tomorrow night and I can't decide whether to go or not. The Led Zeppelin House Show EP RULES, great jams. They're playing a lot of new stuff at the show tomorrow night, so expect a new release from them sometime soon. Their guitarist is finishing up with his other band Advent, so I imagine these guys will be playing more soon.