I feel so stupid for having to ask this - but seriously how do you do it? I just thought I could tune it down from standard, but my mate said I need to get a different string gauge?
Thicker/heavier strings tend to have a lower pitch when they're strung at the same tension. It's not necessary that you get heavier strings for drop C, but if you use really light strings right now it is probably ideal. You are loosening the strings, so the tension will drop quite a lot. With heavy strings, you should be able to maintain roughly the same tension.

You can just tune down from standard btw, it sounds like your friend is a bit of a know-it-all.
no, you just tune your low E down to a C then tune all the other strings down 1 note
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it sounds like your friend is a bit of a know-it-all.

Hah... yeeaaah. Lol thanks though
Tune to D standard and then tune the E string one note further. You MAY require heavier strings but that is not really necessary. A gauge 10 set of strings should do the trick. That way you can switch to E standard pretty comfortably.
id say get some dr handmade strings they do a set of 11-52 i think they are, there spot on. i have them on my sg and its fine
it should be completely possible with 9's, but it may be too loose and everything will sound a bit sloppy. so if you were to have a string change, i'd recomend a set of skinny top/heavy bottoms (10-52), this way you'll easily be able to do E standard and Drop C quite well.
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