Hi guys,

Looking for some advice on what I should spend my hard earned pennies on.

I have an old JCM900 1x12 combo amp that is in desperate need of new valves and pots. I have been looking at the JJ-Tesla Hi-Gain ECC83's for the preamp and some JJ-Tesla EL34's for the power amp section to give it a more metal tone and a whole new set of pots. This lot comes in at about £100.

I have also played a Bugera 6260 2x12 combo and love the metal tones this produces.

Ideally I'd love something like an Engl Powerball II but I just don't have the cash right now, or the skill to justify that much money.

The kind of tones I am looking for are Arch Enemy, Insomnium, Zonaria, The Haunted, At The Gates - that kind of metal tone.

Currently I am undecided wether I would be OK spending the smaller ammount of money and trying to tease these tones out of the JCM900 or wether I would be better off waiting and saving a little more cash to get the Bugera 2x12 6260.

Thoughts and advice please?
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Which 900 is it?

If it's anything except the SL-X then it's not worth it.
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Even if it's a 4100/4500 series, it is worth doing, it will get close to what you want. Depends on how you want to spend your money. I only use mine as a backup/guest's amp but it does pull out some nice punk tones. Maybe buy the amp you really want and then revamp the 900. It is a very nice spare amp to have lying around. It's fairly versatile really.
If it's an SL-X, fix it man, fix it!!
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It's a JCM900 Dual Reverb, and from reading other posts on here it would seem it's not really ever going to be a great Metal amp
Ibanez MTM2, Bugera 6262 2x12 Combo
Cheers guys, you are confirming what I was thinking - get an amp that can do the job rather than try to cludge something that will only get close
Ibanez MTM2, Bugera 6262 2x12 Combo
You're not gonna get proper br00tz out of that JCM without some serious effort.
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With my JCM it can get pretty damn heavy with a bit of clever EQing and an OD pedal. Plus with the JJ's that'll give you a little extra. However I don't really play much metal.

I will say if you crave Engl then start saving and get one, because otherwise all you'll ever be thinking when ever you play something is "I wonder what this would sound like on the Engl"
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Thanks for all the top notch advice guys, very much appreciated
Ibanez MTM2, Bugera 6262 2x12 Combo