I've plugged the line out from my amp to the line-in on my laptop. I can hear the amp through the speakers on the laptop, but the trouble is I can't record this sound. I've tried almost every possible combination of settings in the sound card mixer to get it to record through Audacity/Audition etc .

The thing is, is that there isn't actually a "line-in" option in the recording options, nor is the line-in jack visible in the settings, which leads me to believe that it's simple a hardware issue and the sound card doesn't support this option. But, the jack IS there, it exists physically and seems to be working. So my question is there any way to record the sound produced by the speakers?
Plug it into the mic slot then select mic from the options in Audacity? Can you post a pic of what youve done physically and a screenshot of the audacity preferences?

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Careful about using those Line Outs on amps,,,,if it's made for a speaker you will burn up the amp and sound card.

I highly suggest getting yourself an audio interface of some kind....M-Audio and Line6 make some great starting units. Line inputs on most computers have crappy quality converters as well as some may not even have enough gain to work at all.
Well I haven't broken anything yet, although on an unrelated note, I tried plugging my iPod in the jack to the laptop to see if it was just the amp playing up, and I could hear the iPod playing through the amp which wasn't connected... Hmm

But I'd still like to know if I can record still record it from my speakers.