Hello guys. I just need to know what to do and people in my real life are worthless to ask this question cause they always give the same answer.

I had a high school sweetheart we dated from the time I was a sophomore at 15 years old till I was 19 years old in college. We on and off again from 'bout the ages of 17-19, but she was my whole world. I never really made any friends or anything 'cause she was the only thing I ever cared bout or even had in this world. I ain't ashamed to say it I guess. Anyways, at 19 we split for a full year and then got back together at 20 for 'bout 3 months until she left me again after supposedly cheating on me. The girl always wronged me in the worse, worse ways but here I am an entire year once again after our last split and I still can't get her off my mind. I want to message her sooooo badly but I just feel like it's worthless. There's almost no chance of us ever getting back now and I can't even picture seeing her again. My family despises her for all the wrong she did and they'd call me a fool if they ever saw her again, but every morning when I wake up, even a year later, I wake up Thinking of her and how much quality she did give my life when she wasn't being a prick. I just don't know what to do... youcan delete the thread or not, but I'd really like some responses. Should I message her? It's worth noting after all the other breakups she used to be the one to get in contact with me first cus I was never able to do it myself. Thanks, bye.
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Blog it broseph

but don't call her, she will just be a ho again if you got back together don't give her the satisfaction
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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If its 100% over go and get laid, and definitely go to the relationship thread, they give great advice.
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Iwould but I need some responses fast. I seriusly think I'm having an emotional breakdwon. I was fine for months, for months and now It's just like my dreams an everything it's all comin together like she was teh one or suttin ..Idk im sooo confused., I know she was bad for me, but I want her back so bad.
The times they are a changin'.....
I agree with relationship thread, next to that: You need to be a dick to other girls, helped for me.


And make some new friends.