I have a laney hxd 120 that use to work great but now is all ****ed up. First off the clean channel just doesn't work and secondly the drive channel cuts in and out constantly. It doesn't go from on to off on it's own but it goes from whatever gain setting I have it on to like half the gain on it's own. I've tried new cords and I still have the same issue. I'd love to just go buy a new amp but I am really poor and simply don't have enough money. Any ideas?
is it still under warranty?
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Well, do you know anything about electronics? If you do, I would try to find a schematic, and find a forum for Laney amps. They could probably point you in the right direction. Then, you can start by using a multimeter to test the components and see if the output voltages of the components match to what they should be. In effect, you would be an electronics technician.

This will be time consuming and I don't recommend it if you don't know much about electronics.

EDIT: the fact that the channel cuts out could simply mean that there is a bad connection somewhere. For example, the jack that your cable goes into could be loose and would need to be resoldered. This would be a simple operation.
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