So I always thought ahh.. whats the big deal with sweeping, I'll never need it...
BAM Leper Messiah has a small sweep part which i horribly need to learn, and so.. i had to start up sweeping.. and its not as easy as I had thought...
So heres a clip of me doing this little sucker for two weeks.

Need some advice from all you pr0 sw33p3rz out there

Well, for starters, you might want to start working on the sweep motion for your right hand. You're not going to improve if you're practicing with picking.

Slow the part way down and do the old metronome thing.
Triface covered it pretty nicely, Don't pick things out, sweep them out instead!
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if i remember how the song goes correctly, kirk pulls hammers on then pulls off the notes on the e string. if you do the pull of and hammer on it gives you time to set up to do the up picking part for the decending part of the of the sweep.
the sweeps in leper are similar to these. learn your pick direction and practice these, then try coming back to it later!