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Epiphone LP-100
7 26%
Vintage V-100
20 74%
Voters: 27.
I would say the epiphone.

It is just as good (or better) in tone and will last a lot longer.

But I suggest checking out the Epiphone les paul standard. Its more money but its worth it.
The Vintage, they are on par with if not better than the Epiphone LP Standard. I know because I own one.
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the Vintage definately. It's way better than the LP 100.
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As I never met an Epi I'd trust on stage or enjoyed the feel of, let alone the bolt-on neck, I'll go with a Vintage. But they often have 'issues' like the Epis, so neither is a good purchase online.
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The LP100 is a bolt on neck which isn't ideal for a Les Paul. WHile I've read that Vintage makes some OK LP copies, it's never good to buy the cheapest of the line. I'd save up a bit more and get one of either Epi or Vintage's higher end models.
Moving on.....
the models i gave aren't actually the cheapest on the line. plus, i've read the vintage is very good for the price. and i've played it. i must say it makes a good sound.

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The Vintage would kill that Epiphone. The set neck alone seals the deal.
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The Vintage would kill that Epiphone. The set neck alone seals the deal.

I have seen $80 les paul knockoffs with set necks, so it doesn't always seal the deal. But in this case, your most likely right, the Vintage would be better.
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Vintage is definately better than the epi

I used to own a vintage V100