So this is an old idea, and I don't know if anyone else is still making these...
...but I do know that you guys like pictures so here you go. A quick 'n' dirty build.

Ikea GORM shelf - $6 AUD

Aluminium spray paint - $2.50 AUD

Rubber feet and sawn off Ikea brackets (I stuck some sticky felt on these later).

Velcro $5 AUD

And a nice picture of my bargain Pacifica to end.
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Cool! Might make myself one of these.
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Hey as far as I'm concerned, as long as it works it's pretty awesome.
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Looks tidy. I now have one reason to justify Australia's only Ikea being located in Perth.

you should've included a "fully functioning pedalboard: Priceless" quote on the last pic :P
Lol i was gonna do the same thing.
quick question, is that wood strong?
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