Alright I have some extra money and I want a new guitar or something so I walk into a pawnshop by my school and see a red ibanez rg the black chrome finish is worn off in a few place and a scratch here and there but I think it would clean up nice. I didn't write down the model so I can't remember it but it has pickups that look like emgs but say designed by emg on them. It's a hardtail guitar with a light flame under the finish. They're asking $200 but if I can get em down to 150 or so if uknow anything about the model is it worth it? I just want something new to play around on is all

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Sounds like an RG3EX1. $150 is a pretty good price, hardtail RG's are great guitars for the price.
I would definitely get it. 150 bucks is such a good price, all RG's usually cost more than 250$ , even used ones ... Even if you don't like, you can clean it, maybe repaint it, and sell it
Get It.
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