Well i just bought my girlfriend a new bass a few weeks ago, I was wondering if any of you guys have any amp suggestions (since i'm a guitar player who knows next to nothing about bass amps). Were looking at about a $250-350 budget, will go used, and mostly for metal tones/some alt. I would like to do some jamming with her using my 100 w marshall, but anything that can put out some volume would be great in general. Thanks
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i have a Fender Rumble 100/210 and love it, puts out great lows

do you use this for live gigs? is it loud enough(with clean headroom)? what style do you play? and do you use it stand alone? ive been looking at this...its discontinued but theres still some out there.
I suggest a GK MB 115.
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I don't really understand why basses have 24 frets, I mean, I've never seen a bassist playing more than the 12 fret.

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I suggest a GK MB 115.

Was about to say this. Can gig with it too.

Or some Hartke kickback 115, you can use it as a monitor for yourself and use the DI to go through the PA.
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