Hey guys, sorry for the continuous threads, i hope this to be the last one!

Right, i have to choose between the Bugera 333XL, or the Blackstar HT studio 20 heads. Which do you think is best for me?

my three main genres are Hard Rock, Jazz and Christian Rock, although i enjoy playing metal.

The cab I'm getting is the Harley Benton 2x12 with V30s.

I'm on a budget unfortunately, so its pretty much between the two. I thought the bugera's cleans were passable, the only worry i had was that it didnt do mild dist very well, it was all very heavy, but i likes the options with 3 channels. the blackstar is a more suitable wattage, but only has one EQ for both channels, which i haven't had before. so its pretty much which one can i cope with best! But if you can find me a 2 channel footswitchable valve amp with a serial FX loop in the 300-400GBP bracket i'll happily consider!

Very true, but in fact i'm selling my LC30 right now, cos i'm after a head and cab for easy transportation :P

I really dig my new Blackstar combo. Check out the 20 watter if your on a budget. Does cleans, rock, metal, with a boost it gets insane. Also, Jet City amps kick butt too. They also have a 20 watt combo that sounds great.
Between the two I'd say the Blackstar. I wanted to get a Blackstar 40 but all the store were sold out and awaiting shipments so I bought a Bogner Alchemist 112 instead.

Now that's a good amp.
Parker PDF30
Vox VT40+