Anyone know of a good resource of backing tracks I can stick on my ipod?

John Mayer style stuff would be good for now... would like fairly high quality backing so it doesn't sound like i'm playing with some mickey mouse midi music...

There are a large number of backing tracks on youtube but if you can't find what you're looking for there then www.guitarbt.com might have what you're after.
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Try Google or Yahoo. If you type "Guitar Backing Tracks" in there are more than you can imagine. Sure some you have to pay for but there are by far MANY that are free.
I just got several good ones from Youtube also.

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Hmmm, maybe check out Blues Jam Tracks. They charge, I belive, but it's very well worth the money. Their tracks are top notch.
Guitar center had a bunch (around 30) to download....to get them google search "guitar center king of the blues backing tracks"....they are free
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