I know the pit isnt the right place for this, but I never seem to get responses anywhere else.

Im talking the very last dissonance chord, that is out of key and has a lot of fuzz on it.
When I play the song accoustically I want to play the chord.
I dont believe It's actually done on the guitar so thats why its not in any of the tabs.

Anyone know?


EDIT: Nine inch nails version.
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It's probably from a guitar hardwired to a keyboard powered by a jellyfish. NIN comes up with some pretty strange sounds, so it's likely that's what they used.
I figured the sound was done with some kind of device, not straight guitar chord, I was just hoping for something to imitate it.

The D chord actually sounds pretty good, I dont know why I never tried that.
"Bullshit is the glue that binds this nation together."
-George Carlin

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You mean by NIN? Also the Pit isnt the place for this, GTFO.

Cash wrote that song.

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