Hey guys!!!,

I'm in a dilema! I've been unhappy with the kneck/middle pickup sounds of my strat for some time. I'm finding that it gets a little muffled/fuzzy like theres too much mid-range maybe and theres alot of noise.

I'm unsure of what the best measures are to improve the situation. I've been reading into it and the most sensible\affordable approach seems to be changing the kneck pickup.

I've spent most of the day looking and listening to whats out there but theres so many and its really hard to tell. Has anyone got any suggestions?

I'm looking for something aimed at more modern tones that can take high gain and still sound extremely clean, something smooth, rounded, warm. I'll be mostly using it for deep prog/post rock type lead. Any suggestions?

My setup is -

Fender American Highway One Stratocaster (with a seymour Duncan Hot-rail in the bridge)

Hughes and Kettner Trilogy Head
Marshall Mode Four 4x12 cab
effects - Boss DD-3, RV-5, CH-3, Dunlop Wah

The Dimarzio Air Norton S would give you a nice, smooth sound, if you don't want to cut up your pick guard.
'89 MIJ Fender Strat
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I've got Duncan SSL-2 in the neck and middle of my strat....and love them. The SSL-1 has raised poles and the ssl-2 have flat poles....
Playing on some new gear....review to follow