I've been looking for an amp under $500 for quite some time now, I've read numerous reviews and watched tons of videos. I think I've finally made my decision with the Peavy Vyper 75... Does anyone think there's anything better?
A used peavey XXX.....
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
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I "try" to play everything lol. Classic rock, indie, a little bit of metal, etc..

The XXX is a good bet then. It's a versatile amp. It's got the classic rock and metal covered with the crunch and ultra channels. The clean channel is great too. Takes pedals well.
I use a Vypyr 30 for a practice amp. It's just ok. Nothing more, nothing less. I've tried to sell it and I can't even give it away really. It's new and I couldn't even get $100 for it locally on Craigslist. YMMV.