I am sellling this Laney Modelling amp because I have no use for it considering i now own a Laney Lionheart.

I bought this amp 8 months ago from gear for music for about £200 and thats what they sell for now

The specs are:
Laney Prism P65 Specification:
65 Watts
4 User Channels + Hero and Live mode s
Bass, Middle and Treble
Foot Switch Adjustable Boost
Can be used with a footswitch
Celestion Seventy 80
Multi Effects
Headphone Socket: 1/4" jack
CD Input: 3.5mm stereo jack
Weight: 15.6 Kg
Dimensions: Width 492mm x Height 436mm x Depth 286mm
Comes with a built in tuner

In total this comes with 22 different tones with the Hero and Live mode + the 4 preset channel

Should come with the original box and the manual they gave me

Good amp for beginners looking for around £80-£100