I've got my eye on a Zoom Q3 for recording video/audio in my home. I was wondering whether it was a good unit, or whether there was a better alternative?

Although I'm saving up for a full recording set-up, I still need something right now to record my ideas, both in video AND audio format.

I have a friend on YouTube who uses one for his videos and I like the sound and look of it - it does the job - but, again, I was just wondering whether there was anything else out there that folks might suggest for me?

My budget is around €200, but it can go higher if the right gadget pops up.
dude sam ash had a sale on those for like $150 i think. want me to send you one? i don't know why i didn't buy it, i blame the crappy sales guys lol.

i think they are great units for what you want to do. i have a H2 and it's fine for home stuff but it's an audio only type.