I have Podfarm 1 and my UX1 registered with Line 6, does that mean I can get podfarm 2 for free or not? My friend says he got it that way.
i got it for free, i think it's like as long as you installed pod farm 1 after october in 2009, i can't rember the exact date but it says on the website. just go on the downloads section on line 6's site, then you have to go on the line 6 monkey thing to activate it
You only get POD Farm 2 for free with the POD Studios or if you bought POD Farm Platinum.

You can download POD Farm 2 with the TonePorts, but you will not be able to use it.
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It'll work if you installed pod farm 1 after the date they specify on their site, also if you did install it after that date, it won't work at first, i mean it'll open up after you downloaded it, but it won't do anything until you go back onto the line 6 monkey and i can't remember if i refreshed that or just clicked on pod farm 2 and then activate it, then load it up again and it'll work
Yeah just use Line6 Monkey, go to where it says Pod Farm 2 and hit update or install.
POD Farm is pretty cool but I don't use it that much.