Many of you may be wondering if you can use a guitar amp for a bass, the answer you will probally hear is no. But there is a solution, keep on mind make sure you check how many watts max your amp can handle, if your amp can handle 75Watts max then make sure your subs dont exceed that. Also check the Ohms level of the speaker in your amp, if it is 4 try to match that, just dont go to 2 Ohms, 6 or 8 is fine.

What you will need
1. 2 wires 3-6 feet
2. Sub woofers 1 - how every many you want
3. Screw driver(only if you have a closed back amp
4.wire cutter and wire stippers/teeth
5. a guitar amp
6. marker
7. electrical tape
0. If you have a closed back amp, screw the back part off.
1. Strip all wires to leave about 1-2 inches of wire exposed
2. Mark both ends of 2 wires with your marker(the plastic part)
3. Bring your sub woofers out
4. Attach 1 marked wire to the power port(usually red) and a unmarked one to the ground port(usually black)
5. Next cover the connection with electrical tape
6. After that disconnect the wire connecting your pre-amp to your amp speaker
7. Connect the marked wire to the white or red wire from your amp, connect the unmarked one to the black wire
8. Cover connection with electrical tape

Now your done, the reason why this works is because sub woofers are able to handle the bass frequencies. Prime example of this is that pounding sound you hear from thoose pimped cars that have thoose cool sub woofers in them.
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or just use a bass cabinet instead of a guitar cabinet

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You seem to be a tad confused.

1. Amps don't "handle" wattage, they consume it/output it. So if your amp is rated at 75w, you want a speaker that can handle at least 75w. Anything more is just insurance that you don't hurt your speaker.

2. The preamp does not send signal to the speaker, the poweramp does.

You can hookup a bass speaker to a guitar amp, it will work. There is no need for (what sounds like to me) a car subwoofer enclosure. However, the guitar amp's frequency response and (if it is a tube amp) its output transformer's may drastically attenuate many of those "pounding" notes. Also, if the output transformer is not designed to handle such low notes, you could ruin it.
Also, you have no concept of impedance. You can not just have 1 to however many subs. You need the correct amount with the correct ohmage wired in the correct way so you don't load your amp wrong. Now, if you do have the wrong impeadance nothing amazing or destructory will happen at first, but eventually it'll hurt your amp. I suggest you get learned up before you teach, mate. Although a sub with the correct ohmage and wiring and such, would work as a bass amp speaker, I do agree with that.
I'm not very good with amps, and even I know that your post is garbage.

Also, soldering is a way better thing to do than... Electrical tape.

Also, basses can be used in guitar amps. Just, guitar cabs usually aren't ported.
If you can tune guitars to really low tunings, like standard A or something(Dont know much about other tunings except C Standard, standard and drop d)
Point is:
The guitars tuned low, produce some of the frequencies which a bass produce, so in my opinion, guitar amps work.
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