Heya, can you check this start of a song please? I'm very basic at using Guitar pro, but this was something that popped into my head earlier, and I had to get it down. Tried it on my guitar first, then tried adding the bass part and the drums and I think it sounds alright. Any advice or criticisms would be much appreciated
Another Song.gp5
Hey, could you also listen to this? It says blues but it's really blues, it's like... I dunno. Something else.
Sure thing dude. I wouldn't call it bluesy but I could be wrong. It was a happy sounding tune albeit a bit weird. The only criticism I have for this one is, it's not really connected and it gets a bit repetitive. Just work at it dude and it'll probably be good
That one was never really intentional to be made into a proper song, it's just a meddley of idea's. I like the first part that the lead guitar comes in though, running up down the little scales. And the arpeggios of the acoustic guitar
i could only find the 1 song in profile,i cant open other file in thread,pretty cool riff mate,check my song out in profile called set me free,its got some great hooks in it thx