We have all seen the commercials and stuff. How far would you actually go to obtain a Klondike Bar?
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I dunno, pay $3.50
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Well first i'd run out of ice cream sandwiches and cherry garcia icecream. Then when I'm out of such frozen delicacies, I supposed I'd settle for one if I were really jonesin.
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Not half as much as I would do for Jolly Ranchers.
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The real question is what wouldn't you do cas so many things can be done
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Considering they're not even that good, I'd wait for them to go on sale at a supermarket.
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I dunno, pay $3.50

For $3.50 I can get you a klondike bar.
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I would find out what a Klondike Bar is first :|

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I'd exclaim "WTF is this shit?"
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Not half as much as I would do for Jolly Ranchers.


I'd throw K9 into a black hole for 3 bags of the cherry flavored ones.
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I thought Klondike was what apple renamed Solitaire to.
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Not half as much as I would do for Jolly Ranchers.

I'm with this dude.

Seriously, Klondike Bars aren't that good.

I don't think I'd do much unless I was really hot and hungry.
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