Got for sale a Marshall AVT275 Amp.

I currently have this on ebay, but can take off if someone makes me a decent offer. Or bid for it on ebay.

Had this for 7 years, but it has been used about 4 times, in the house, and has been sitting in my room for the past 5 years unused, works perfectly, has one TINY tear which there is a picture of on ebay.

Pics of this on ebay.


or ebay item number 230516743510

Feel free to contact me here or on ebay for more information.


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hey im curious how much are you selling it for? i was looking at a tube m getting ready to trade n my marshsll mg half stack severely dissappointed with lack of feel. should have expected that from a solid state marshall though - _ -
This is in almost perfect condition, and works perfectly, a brilliant amp. BUT i dont really know much about them so not sure of its value, i know it retails for something just under 400, so probably i hope for at least 200 - 250 off ebay
Last day on ebay here, get this for under £200 and that would be an absolute bargain!!!