Ok...So I use a tuner to tune my guitar by ear. And I need this tuning to play many of horror by biffy clyro...Now when I go to tune each string this way some of them will go sharp but some of them wont. Some strings just go right into the next one without showing me the sharp or whatever. Do you get what im trying to say? Anywho...Can someone help me out with this tuning?
Depending on what tuner you're using, see if you have a "flat" button, if so, press it once and then tune the guitar as usual - when the tuner displays a note as E it will actually be Eb and so on.
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So I use a tuner to tune my guitar by ear.
right on.

If your tuner displays sharps/flats some of the time... then it should display them in all cases. Maybe you are adjusting too much too fast? especially on lower (heavier) strings?
Lol sorry. Didnt catch that typo. I dont have the button...So far I cant get my top string(E) to become a D# it just goes right to C. And I cant get my B to become a D# same goes for my e it just becomes a D. Help?
Either you bought your tuner out of a gumball machine or your having trouble operating it.

Tune back to standard. Now loosen strings one at a time very slowly.
Start with high E, but first play an Eb on the B string (4th fret)... that's the note your aiming to match. Don't go any lower. If your winding up at C, that's way too loose.

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